Available by the night, week, month or year.
The rates become less expensive the longer you stay. Contact Us for more details.

FREE Wi-Fi Now Available in all rooms.

The Rooms (2 Available)

1 Person:
Rp 80,000 per night (about US$6). Breakfast Included.
Rp 500,000 per week (about US$36). Breakfast Included.

2 Persons:
Rp 100,000 per night (about US$7). Breakfast Included.
Rp 630,000 per week (about US$45). Breakfast Included.

Both rooms have a double bed and hot & cold water bathrooms.

The upstairs room The upstairs room's bathroom

The upstairs room.

The downstairs room The downstairs room's bathroom

The downstairs room.

The Large House

US$20 per night. US$250 per month. Breakfast Included.

The Large House has one main bedroom, a small second bedroom or meditation room, a living room with Java bed, and a bathroom with hot & cold water, tub and shower. It also includes a Balinese style, outside kitchen, but guests usually prefer to have us cook for them.

View From The Front.

Our house and homestay. The rooms are on the left, the Large House is on the right.

The Small House

Rp 200,000 per night (about US$14). Rp 3,000,000 per month (about US$215). Breakfast Included.

The Small House has one large bedroom with an attached bathroom, including a shower with hot water. It has an outside, covered kitchen and a smaller room which could be used as a second bedroom, office etc.

View From The Front.